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Turn your daily moments into well-being ...

Ecomoments is the pioneer franchise in Organic Coffee & Healthy Food within  a sustainable  environment. This provides our customers with well-being moments during their daily lives.

Our pilot in Spain opened in the technology park of Paterna, Valencia during the summer of 2018. During 2019 +55,000 customers enjoyed very good times in this place.

The territories of the Valencian Community & Catalonia have been acquired for multi-franchises and we continue our expansion within Spain and Portugal. We want to have entrepreneurs committed to the development of sustainable franchises.



Check available regions for your multi-franchise or your individual franchise


* Franchise fee:       € 14,000  
 Multi-franchise:   € 40,000
                                       + VAT
   * 1.  Varies according to the size of the regional territory  for country
    2. Special prices until November 2021

*  Initial cost  (approx.)  
 Re-styling option
  From  € 49,500  (includes Canon)
  * 1.  Varies by local transfer value and area
    2.  With 50% approved financing  + VAT

You can request your franchise loan, leasing, or renting.  We

have nationwide agreements:


  NEW!    CORNER / EXPRESS  options   
               from  € 15 per day *
               * € 30,000: approx. € 450 monthly with approved financing

Your Ecomoments franchise:

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      Reserved:       Barcelona | Castellón | Pozuelo | Chamartín | Leganés                                                     

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